Friday, February 8, 2019

320 Net acres Marcellus Gas Rights Clearfield County PA FOR SALE or LEASE

FOR SALE or LEASE are 320 net acres prime Marcellus Shale Gas rights.

Sale or Lease Price $750.00 per acre for oil and gas rights.

John a rogers Marcellus Utica gas rights for sale penfield huston township clearfield county pa
$750.00 one time administrative processing fee.

Available For Sale 320 net acres Marcellus Shale gas rights. This would be a 40% interest in 800 acres mineral rights tract right in the heart of gas drilling activity in Clearfield County Pa. Located within minutes of S.B. Elliot State Park. Clearfield County PA Marcellus Shale Gas Resources.
We are accepting offers for the sale of Marcellus Gas rights on this 320 acres 40% interest in 800 acres mineral rights, 320 net acres gas and oil rights.

A stones throw from NRG Shawville station which has  converted to natural gas in early 2016 just a few miles from this Marcellus and Utica gas reserve. Once this new demand for gas comes online the price for gas in this area will increase. And with natural gas prices at 30 year lows, one can only imagine how high prices will go in the near future.

Sold with no warranties expressed or implied. Will deliver as  quit claim.
Will also consider sale of smaller net acreage amount.
$750.00 non-refundable processing fee.  This is only a non-refundable  processing fee to start the process of sale negotiations. So Be Sure you are interested.

Upon receipt of $750.00 non-refundable processing we will start the sale process at which time a non refundable deposit of $2,500 will be required to continue sales process and purchase these gas rights for $750.00 per net acre.  This item is for the sale of 320 net acres Marcellus Shale Gas Rights located in Clearfield County PA. Buyer will also pay 1% transfer tax plus all other buyer fees or taxes to county and state.  

Contact 814-762-7718

John a rogers Marcellus Utica gas rights for sale penfield huston township clearfield county pa

There is also a smaller percentage available in over 1000 acres in this same area.

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